Photographer Matthew P. Crouch


Born in Manila, Philippines, Matthew was raised in Missouri and spent his early years in the Midwest and West. Matthew has been a photographer since 2005 and currently resides in Houston with his partner, J., from which they travel regionally and worldwide. Matthew is an innovative photographer who has had public gallery shows in Denver & El Paso with more forthcoming.  His print work can be seen in the reception area of law firms, a governmental agency in Houston, a hotel in Austin and in private collections.  



"My interest in photography began with flipping through the photography books in the family library. Living in places that are as strikingly disparate as incredibly urban Manila, and suburbs of Kansas City and Denver, I focused on the forgotten places, things cast aside, the items people overlook in their passage, the detritus left behind, what people might see and then ignore. I often photograph at night, primarily using what light there is available, to record moments that are not always noticed or seen without the benefit of long exposures. The odd, the misplaced, the half-seen: these are what attract me."